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Monthly Archives: November 2006

Practical Backpacking Podcast “AT Wish Hikers”

Published November 2006
By: Bernie Wilt

“In this episode I talk with Joe White and Bryan Wolf.  Bryan and Joe are in the midst of a Fall and Winter southbound Appalachian Trail thruhike.

These young men are carrying traditional, durable gear with pack weights that have been as high as 65 pounds. They’ve managed to cut the weight in half along the way, as they’ve become more familiar with their needs and comfort requirements.  It didn’t take them long, for example, to send a 12 pound tent home.

Joe and Bryan’s AT thru-hike is also raising awareness and support for the Make a Wish Foundation.

I’m sure you’ll find both of these hikers and what they have to say about their gear and journey both interesting and inspiring.”

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