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Monthly Archives: May 2014

RRT Tent Series

Roads, Rivers and Trails is going to be putting together an extensive video library of the products in our stores. This is our tent series, which will be showcasing our tent selection for you! Our video library consists of specifications for each tent including various weights, space availability and how they look set up.

The video series will take the form of playlists on YouTube. So if you wish to view a specific tent, click the YouTube icon in the bottom right of the video screen and scroll through the videos on the playlist. Of course, if you’d like to watch the whole series at once, we certainly won’t hold that against you!


Downtek Dry Down vs. Standard Down

Hello RRT Adventurers!

The Bear is back to talk about the differences in Downtek treated down, known as Dry Down, and how it compares to untreated down when faced with down’s most fearsome enemy…H2O!