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Saxx Review

A shepherd whose sheep are not in pasture is a shepherd in need.  He may not lose his sheep but would go about his day at ease knowing he could trust the boundaries of a generously sized pasture. The sheep, knowing their boundaries, could mingle about freely. If they stray too far to one side, a well-constructed fence, so evenly spaced as to look woven together, will gently guide them back to greener grass.  This pasture is graced with grass softer than lamb’s wool and a climate dictated by highlands on either side.

During the warm summer months when the rains come, the valley collects a lot of moisture. The valley walls seem to wick away the excess water to prevent flooding from harming the sheep.  Here, even the valley protects the sheep.  For the colder times of year, when the wool grows thick and the pasture seems to shrink, the walls of the valley fend off the harsh winds.

Wear Saxx. Protect your sheep.

This Saxx underwear review was brought to you by: Brandon Behymer

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