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Fall Campout Festival

Fall Campout Festival
Mischievous Adventures at Lake Loramie State Park
Written by: Robby Hansen

Whether you’re at the foot of a mountain, your favorite trailhead, or in your backyard. Camping is camping, and any chance to lay under the stars, unplugged from the world, sounds good to me!

The best thing about camping is that anyone can do it. I’m reminded of this idea every year when I make my journey up to Lake Loramie State Park in Minster Ohio. Lake Loramie is absolutely beautiful! From hiking to camping, and canoeing to fishing, this park has it all. On one side of the lake there are campgrounds that you will find occupied year round, and on the other side you’ll find beautiful woods accompanied with hiking trails. The campgrounds are easily accessible, and you’ll find many RV’s accompanied with boats and kayaks. I’ve visited many campgrounds, and I have to admit that Lake Loramie beats out the rest.


Every fall they have a Fall Campout Festival, and I cannot image a better way to enjoy the great outdoors with family, friends, and a bunch of crazy country folk. With traditional festival foods, tractor pulls, and chainsaw art, the festival is guaranteed to entertain. Sure, you will find that most people are RV camping that weekend, but if you’re daring enough like me then a tent is all you need! The fall festival is what tops off this hidden treasure each year.

Don’t get me wrong, I love the mountains and I love the wilderness. But, taking the effort out of (What some people describe as “real”) camping, and waking up to bacon and eggs over the fire is my idea of a great weekend. Not to mention the craft show on Saturday and Sunday, where you will find some of the coolest trinkets and treasures around! If you have the chance to camp with some family and friends in September, remember Lake Loramie. The deep fried oreos combined with hiking trails will not disappoint.