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RRT Underground: Mammoth Cave

Howdy internet folks. Goatman here, checking in from Roads, Rivers and Trails. The sunĀ  is gearing up for a hot one this summer and you know what that means: time to hide under the earth where the light can’t get to me! Actually, I was in the area visiting fellow AT hiker and we decided to check out one of the country’s most unique National Parks, Mammoth Cave. Located in the Green River valley of western Kentucky, Mammoth Cave is the longest cave system on Earth. That’s right, longest in the world and only 3 hours from Cincinnati. There are about 80 miles of hiking and horseback riding trails, back country camping permits are free, and the beautiful Green River meanders through the park, offering visitors a chance to beat the heat with a nice paddle through wooded hills. Still too hot for you? Well, cave tours are the big thing down at Mammoth and for as little as 12 bucks you can take a 2+ hour tour underground where it’s always ~55 degrees. The rangers we met were great: knowledgeable, experienced, and hilarious. But enough of my blabbing. Below are some photos of the wild beauty of Mammoth Cave, just a taste of the wild beauty that the park has to offer. So get out there.