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Dalton Spurlin

Hello everyone, I’m Dalton! I’m studying Neuropsychology at the University of Cincinnati, working on my masters degree but my real passion is in the outdoors where I desperately want to spend all my time. I got into the outdoors a couple years ago through the UC Mountaineering Club when I went on a road trip to backpack in various parks in Michigan and have quickly spiraled into a full fledged dirt bag.

Since that first trip almost 4 year ago, going outdoors and slamming some instant potatoes has become my main focus. I have lead 15+ trips with UCMC ranging from right here in Ohio to as far as Arizona, served as President of that organization and found a passion for the outdoors. I look forward to being able to teach people at RRT about the outdoors and become a real life hippie.



What trips are you currently day dreaming about?

A trip down the Rio Grande, climbing Denali and swimming all of the Boundary Waters.

Is there a trip you are planning to do next?

Hiking the Tahoe Rim Trail in August.

What was the last trip you took?